A Mom's Cancer Story

UCLA Health article

First off, I wanted to thank Dr. Gofnung and Dr. Yeh for their detection and treatment of my thyroid cancer from 2015-2016. After Dr. Gofnug detected abnormality in my ultrasound screening, I started researching for the best surgeon at UCLA and found Dr. Yeh. I chose him due to his expertise in endocrine surgery. I eventually had two surgeries to remove both sides of my thyroid. I was very happy with the results and will not trust any other surgeon or institution other than UCLA, specifically Dr. Yeh. I appreciate all the doctors and nurses who helped heal me through a very difficult, dreary time. I wanted to specifically give thanks to Jennifer, Dr. Yeh's nurse practitioner. Dr. Yeh is an exceptional surgeon who provides exceptional service and quality to his patients #GoUCLADrYehsOffice #DrGofnugRules