A Pastor's Voice and Life Preserved

UCLA Health article

Posted on behalf of my father, a patient of Dr. Yeh:

I wanted to take the opportunity to write about my and my family's experience with Dr. Michael Yeh as he has been such a blessing in our lives. In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer that had spread into my neck and upper chest. Thankfully, I had been referred to Dr. Yeh. From the moment he came in the room to discuss my case with me, I was put at ease. He explained all his recommendations, including the recommendation for surgery. I knew of his extensive surgical training, and, paired with his confidence, I felt very comfortable with him performing my surgery. I underwent surgery and had a lot of cancer removed. During the surgery, Dr. Yeh found that a tumor had grown entirely around my laryngeal nerve. He could either completely cut the nerve, rendering me unable to speak, or he could spend a significant amount of time scraping the tumor off of it. Given the situation, he felt confidant he could effectively removed the disease by scraping it off the nerve, and not cut the laryngeal nerve. I am a pastor, and my passion is to preach God's word from the pulpit every Sunday. Losing my ability to speak and preach would have been devastating for me. Dr. Yeh spent extra time in surgery to allow me to still be able to preach God's word, and for that I am incredibly thankful. I knew that if there was no way to save the nerve in order to remove the cancer, he would have cut the nerve. However, he saw a way to save it, and saved it even though it took more time for him to take that approach. My postoperative care was great, and the scar on my neck was unnoticeable since he made the incisions inside the natural wrinkles in my neck. As is often the case with the type of cancer I have and its natural course, I had more disease that grew after the surgery and needed to be removed. Dr. Yeh again went in and did an incredible job, and I still have no visible scars. It has been almost 4 years since my first surgery, and 3 years since my second surgery, and I am doing very well. I am forever grateful for Dr. Yeh being my surgeon. I follow-up with him regularly, and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent ENT/thyroid surgeon. His bedside manner is great, and he was so kind to explain and answer any questions my family had while I was recovering after surgery. If in the future I require more surgeries to remove more disease, I will undoubtedly go back to Dr. Yeh. His skill and expertise is unmatchable, and I am so blessed to have him as my surgeon.