A World Class Surgeon makes a huge difference

UCLA Health article

In 2011 I had a total thyroidectomy for cancer. Then in March 2017 I had a second surgery but a mistake was made and the wrong part of my neck was operated on. So for my 3rd surgery I came to UCLA as Dr. Yeh had been recommended by several doctors including my endocrinologist who is at USC.

It was a remarkably different and better experience and I know what I am talking about since I had two prior surgeries. Dr. Yeh used a neck block which I had never had before. In recovery, I was able to relax and I wasn't in massive pain. After 24 hours I felt wonderful, the pain was not there, That made a real difference for me. I didn't need to use as much pain medication afterwards.

They listened to me - so I didn't get the medications I am allergic to that make me throw up. (That had happened in the past.)

The whole experience has been great. I learned what a world class surgeon can do and it really makes a difference,