Adrenaline-producing Adrenal Tumor (Pheochromocytoma)

UCLA Health article

I was referred to UCLA Department of Endocrine Surgery by my cardiologist after having hot flashes, sweating and high blood pressure. I had a cardiac work-up and ultrasound of my organs. A small mass was seen on my adrenal gland. i followed my doctor’s instructions and contacted UCLA. Initially seeing Dr. Michael Yeh and then Dr. Masha Livhits who performed the surgery.

The office ran well with a caring staff and on time appointments. Every question I had was answered promptly and professionally. In preparation for the removal of the tumor my blood pressure had to be managed. This was done by changing all my BP meds, filling out a BP log and having Dr Livhits or the her nurse respond to my readings and adjust the new meds accordingly. I felt well taken care of with their prompt replies.

The hospital portion of this journey was also well organized and I received attentive care by the medical staff. I had some cardiac risk factors going into the procedure which were managed well by the anesthesiologists. Glad to have this behind me and I feel lucky to have been sent to the right place for this medical problem.