At Last!

UCLA Health article

I had high PTH and Calcium for 4 years and 2 nuclear medicine tests that didn't show anything. I did not realize what high calcium does; I had bone pain, muscle pain, exhausted all the time, constipation, nausea that was getting worse for the four years. My family doctor who knew me for 20 years said tests wouldn't how anything because of all the radiation i had from treatment for 2 cancers. Dr. Yeh did an US and found what i took out in the surgery in aout 10 sec. IT's been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and i don't have muscle pain, i feel great. I think Dr Yeh is wonderful, very clear and kind. Surgery and recovery took exactly how long he said it would take. All his residents have been very kind. I've had a lot of surgeries so nothing was much surprising. Because I was diabetic, I asked if the surgery could be moved up in the morning and it was facilitated very smoothly. Don't hesitate to go to Dr. Yeh. When I saw Dr. Yeh before surgery when he decided to operate, I said to my husband, "he's confident but not arrogant." He knew his thing and he definitely showed his knowledge. I just feel so much better and everything was just really easy.