UCLA Health article

Both my daughter and I received surgery with Dr. Yeh. I had a parathyroid surgery years ago, and it went very successfully. When we found out that my daughter had thyroid cancer, the decision to return to Dr. Yeh was an easy one because of prior positive experiences. We were blown away by Dr. Yeh and his professionalism, and the staff gave us a considerable amount of attention to our needs. They accommodated all of our needs to the best of their abilities, and the nurses were devoted and focused to make my daughter comfortable. At the end, everything was contained to the area and the cancer did not spread, which I am really thankful for. As a father with a daughter who means the world to me, being able to have full trust in a doctor like Dr. Yeh is worth gold.

On top of the professionalism of the staff, there was exceptional customer service, administrative excellence and brain trust. The staff always kept us informed in Maddie's Room and allowed us to track progress on the screen at all times, giving us time estimates for when procedures were going to happen. The time, effort, and care they put into making sure my daughter's body could handle the anesthesia meant a lot. Everyone was so welcoming and their responsiveness was unlike any other hospital experience. When you're in this type of medical condition, that type of attentiveness means a lot. In addition, getting onto the UCLA portal has been very easy and comprehensive.