Complete Thyroidectomy

UCLA Health article

For a couple of years I had a mass growing in my neck, that I wasn't really aware of , but my mom and friends noticed it. The first time I had it checked out, they said it was nothing, I had it checked again by a specialist when I found out I was pregnant. I went to see my PCP first and was referred to a specialist. They did an ultrasound and said it was probably an enlarged thyroid and I could take some pills and it could go down, or if I wanted surgery it could wait until after the baby was born. While waiting I was aware that it sometimes became difficult to breathe and catch my breath, I got tired really fast, because the mass was pushing on my windpipe. I did wait until after the baby was born, then family kept urging me to go see another doctor and I was told to contact UCLA. First I saw Dr. Rossu, an endocrinologist, she did my ultrasound and biopsy which came back inconclusive so she sent me to Dr. Livhits. Once I saw Dr. Livits, everything moved really quickly. We all knew by the size of it that it needed to be removed. The mass was so large that they removed the left thyroid in addition to the right thyroid which had the tumor on it. Surgery was at UCLA Santa Monica. I was nervous and tearful at the beginning, but my family was there to talk positive to me and prayed. The doctors explained the procedure step by step. I remember breathing into the face mask receiving anesthesia and then my eyes closed and next thing I knew I woke up. When I woke up everything was numb, hot and a burning feeling. It was easy to eat because I was numb, but the next day it was very painful and I couldn't eat. The pain only lasted about two days. I feel confident in Dr. Livits that she knows what she is doing and will take care of me.