Dr. Rogriguez’s infinite compassion

UCLA Health article

This a difficult story for me to tell, but want to tell it in order to acknowledge my amazing doctor. About two years ago I went into labor with my son, and everything progressed as it should have until it didn’t. Dr. Rodriguez came in and ultimately had to perform an emergency c-section. My c-section was complicated by a severe uterine band. This band made it extremely difficult to delivery my son. He suffered a loss of oxygen that led to organ failure. After 4 days in the NICU we decided to withdraw life support and let our son go on 12/15/15. Dr. Rodriguez kept in touch with me twice a day when I was in the hospital and while my son was in the NICU and beyond until now. I’ll never forget that she told me that she would always be available to us to talk and ask questions of her for as long as we would need. She never turned away from us, in fact, she remained a big part of our life and healing. I have never had a doctor like her. She sees me not only as a patient, but as a human being with all my complexities. She approaches her work as a doctor with so much humanity. I am so grateful for her care and support through the most difficult times of myself and my husband’s life. I wish I could articulate how much her dedication, commitment and compassion have meant to us. I just want to acknowledge her because I think other doctors can learn from the compassion Dr. Rodriguez exhibits everyday in her work.