Experiencing the Best

UCLA Health article

“Women get to come together, be pampered, and feel beautiful at a time when their bodies and their own identities feel in transition,” acknowledges Joyce Chang, who spoke during the Breast Cancer Spa Day. “I shared what it’s like to be Dr. Helena Chang’s daughter, which is sharing your mom with all of her patients. I always felt that they got the best of her. Then, one day, I became a patient of my mothers. I found a lump in my breast and came to UCLA Health. My mom took care of me and held my hand the whole time. It, thankfully, was benign, but I got to experience what my mom’s patients experience, which is the best of my mom. I had a new appreciation for everything she does.

Cancer and therapy can be so isolating, but events like this allow patients to not only come together and feel like they’re not alone but that there is still joy in everyday things. We all want to be beautiful, and we all want to feel good.”

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