Happy with Results

UCLA Health article

In 2008, my blood pressure went up after I had my first child. I exercised and it went down to normal. Then in 2011, I had my second child and it went up again. This time, exercise did not reduce it. My doctor thought it might be hormones so he sent me to Dr. Yen, an endocrinologist. He did a CT scan and found a tumor on my left side in 2012. I was told it was a rare case. Two options were offered to me - medications or surgery. I chose medications. But I was not very compliant; I forgot to take the meds. I went to see my uncle who is a Chinese medicine specialist. I got herbal remedies and accupuncture. But he passed away and so for the last 1 1/2 years my blood pressure was uncontrollable - even with additional medications. Then I started having irregular heartbeats. I was worried since my children are young. I saw a new doctor who was very positive about surgery. He gave me two referrals - a doctor at USC and Dr. Yeh here at UCLA. I saw the USC doctor first but I didn't feel comfortable. In September I saw Dr. Yeh. He gave me a very detailed and clear explanation and said only one incision was necessary. After surgery, I had very little pain - I only took pain medication for two days. My blood pressure went to normal with no medications. My scar is very small. My family and I are very happy with my decision to see Dr. Yeh and I am happy with the results.