Healthy and Cancer Free for 30 years.


30 years ago this month, I had a testicular cancer and it took a part of me and almost my life with a recurrence to my lymph nodes and spine a year later. I had chemo and radiation following. I spent several years dealing with my self-worth and self-value and feeling "incomplete". The emotional scars were deep and always worrying if my cancer was going to come back. Nobody ever told me about having a prosthesis implanted before until I heard Dr. Mills at a speaking engagement in October celebrating Men's Health Month. I made an appointment with him a few weeks ago to discuss the procedure, my questions and if I was a candidate. Yesterday urologist Dr. Jesse Mills at SM UCLA gave me back what was robbed of me, a testicular prosthesis implant. Great thanks to the awesome SM surgical team and superhero Dr. Jesse Mills who supported my decision and helping me move forward with this procedure. The ultimate Valentines day gift. #UCLA HEALTH #cancersurvivor #TesticularProsthesis #CancerFree