I Feel Like a Different Person

UCLA Health article

I had no health conditions - no diagnoses and no medications. I have worked in mental health and am employed by a company that owns 200 hospitals. Often in more rural areas they have trouble locating someone to be the director. I assist with this and also help them get ready for surveys. A year ago, I was working in Knoxville when I noted I was having trouble breathing. I went on to Michigan to have Thanksgiving with my father. I started having some pain in my kidneys and went into the ER at Henry Ford Hospital. They did an EKG and told me I had congestive heart failure. They ran multiple tests over a 9 day stay. My calcium was high and I was in A-Fib which can be triggered by high calcium. I returned to Los Angeles and saw a doctor in Long Beach. Eventually I was referred to Dr. Yeh who recommended surgery. The surgery was on November 16. Dr. Yeh found an adenoma which had not been found on the scans. The surgery was based on the labs. I had surgery at UCLA-Santa Monica and it was the best hospital experience I have ever seen from start to finish (and I work in the field.) Everything they told me they told do they did. Often people note that it is hard to sleep at night in the hospital as it is noisy- that was not the case here- it was quiet. I have fabulous things to say about it all from OR prep to discharge instructions. Everything at the clinic is great too - everyone is helpful. I feel great and friends comment on my increased energy.