I'm very appreciative!

UCLA Health article

When my numbers were elevated, my primary doctor took me off my blood pressure meds to try to reduce them but the numbers remained high. I had been in a bad auto accident so there was some thought that the numbers could be stress/trauma related. But then I saw an endocrinologist who said it was due to hyperparathyroid. I was referred to Dr. Yeh. Everyone here at the office was so wonderful and informative. The surgery was a good experience. I work at UCLA but it was interesting to see from a patient's point of view how the UCLA system is really striving to be the best in every aspect. All had been explained to me about what to expect pre- and post-surgery. It didn't hurt and I wasn't uncomfortable. Everyone at Dr. Yeh's office went above and beyond from the reception desk to Jen the PA to Dr. Yeh himself. All went well. I feel positive about the experience.