In spite...there is still hope

UCLA Health article

Last year I was working for an Americorps program in Sacramento. In the spring I noticed that my throat had gotten so large that I could not button my collar.

I came to a graduation at USC for my brother-in-law in May and my parents noticed the difference. I had a June appointment made with Dr. Yeh. Surgery was scheduled as I had a nodule pressing on my throat. I had surgery on July 5th for the left side. Cancer was found so I went back into surgery on July 7th for the right side.

I had been planning to go back to Sacramento to take on a leadership role but it turned out that both my mother and I had cancer surgery in July. We needed to mutually support each other. I was very sore for a month, couldn't talk for a while and couldn't sing with the church choir, All the church members and family were praying for me and my mom.

I went on a special diet to prepare for the next step in October. No iodine in my food meant no salt and no seafood. It was a pretty bland diet. I had to be locked in a room for several days after taking an iodine pill.

I had a slight disappointment that I couldn't return to Sacramento but it was important that I was here. I felt like I grew a lot through this experience and learned a lot about myself. Family can really support you.

Don't lose hope. Trust God, trust Jesus.

The process at UCLA was very smooth. The staff, starting with the receptionist, all worked as a team. All did their part. They are very caring people and explained everything to me.

Bad things happen to good people but good people help.