It has taken "a village" of incredibly competent doctors and medical personnel to care for our needs

UCLA Health article

There are not sufficient words to express our gratitude for the many doctors and other medical personnel who have helped and currently help both John and me. We have both needed MUCH in the past 5 years.

My personal "UCLA story" began in 1990 with Dr. Gerhard Fuchs when I needed kidney surgery. Dr. James Heaps helped me to re-direct my health care beginning in 1991 by performing some much needed surgery for me, and he continues to give amazingly competent care as well as referrals when needed. I now see Dr. Stephanie Smooke because of one such referral, and I have been privileged to be a patient of Dr. Peter C. Galier because of a referral in the mid 1990's. Dr. Joseph Caprioli has gratefully cared for the vision challenges for both me and my husband for over a decade, referring John to Dr. Jean Pierre Hubschman when retinal surgery was needed.

Dr. Peter Galier has cared magnificently and meticulously for our needs personally as well as by the many referrals both John and I have needed, including sleep studies, brain scans, labs, CTs, MRIs, and PT. John needed an endocrinologist and a surgeon, and Dr. Peter Galier referred John to Dr. Stephanie Smooke. Dr. Smooke referred John to endocrine surgery, and we had the privilege of being cared for by Dr. Michael Yeh who performed parathyroid surgery for John. Thanks to Dr. Galier, John and I were both referred for sleep studies and then to Dr. Eugenia Wen. Dr. Wen has cheerfully and meticulously managed the many adjustments to John's APAP needs as well as prescribing needed medication. Dr. Wen also manages my CPAP needs.

Dr. Galier, following initial office screening, referred John to Dr. Verna Porter. Dr. Porter, in turn, referred John for testing as well as to Mihae Kim, NP, of the Alzheimer and Dementia Clinic, neuro-psych (currently, Dr. Gandal), and Dr. Melita Petrossian. Dr. Petrossian has given John very personal, meticulously competent on-going care and direction. Dr. Galier also gave John a referral for PT because of some back pain and balance challenges he was having; it helped wonderfully.

My husband and I have needed care from many physicians. I have had some pain management challenges, and Dr. Galier referred me to Dr. Michael Ferrante for pain management as well as to aquatic PT.

What I am trying to say is that it has taken "a village" of amazing medical practitioners to care for our needs! We are very grateful for each of our physicians!

Mihae Kim, NP, with the UCLA Alzheimer and Dementia Clinic has given us valuable resources and has interfaced with physicians when we have needed her help.

We are very grateful to each of our physicians and for their staffs! Thank you!

Thank you seems so little to say, but please know that I/we sincerely appreciate the very personal, competent, compassionate care we receive.

Janice and John