Mother Daughter Thyroidectomies Six Years Apart

UCLA Health article

Like mother like daughter- in this case, I had the same full thyroidectomy surgery my mother had had six years ago and it was done by the same doctor, Dr. Michael Yeh.

Over the past three years I had had a couple of biopsies done, all of which were negative, but my thyroid continued to be enlarged, swollen, like a ball in my throat, and I was uncomfortable and l felt like people were staring at me. When I swallowed you could see "the ball" going up and down. It seemed like the right time to do surgery having watched my thyroid situation for so long and having the confidence my mom's surgery turned out so well

In both my case and my mother's case, there was never any cancer, just enlarged thyroid glands that needed to be removed. Dr. Yeh is the best! He is truly amazing!He was there to do both my mother's surgery and six years later my own. Thank you to Dr. Yeh and his amazing staff. ,