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UCLA Health article

What brought me to the Endocrine Center was due to a natural TIA I had, which is a transient ischemic attack which is like a mini stroke. I then had an ultrasound on the carotid artery which incidentally is where they found the nodule on the thyroid.

When I was referred to Dr. Livhits, I was pleased with the process. I was presented with all the facts and was able to give to my opinion as to which treatment plan to follow and how to proceed. From Dr. Livhits, to the nurses, and to the surgical team we were impressed with the bedside manner. In addition, how our questions and concerns were addressed exceeded our expectations as well.

Now that I have undergone surgery, the advice I would to give myself before surgery is to stay with the facts and in the moment of what you know. Try not to anticipate what could happen when waiting on so many test results. It's hard to stay mentally strong when there is uncertainty, so stay present with the knowledge you have now.

My last piece of advice is to trust the doctors and what they say. Make sure to do what you can follow up with your diagnosis and don't let time pass by!