One lump turned into ten!

UCLA Health article

I've found a lump in my throat for maybe about 6-7 years and I wanted to get it checked to get it removed as I didn't know what it was. I then found out it was thyroid cancer. I came to UCLA medical group and Dr. Livhits found 4 nodules as opposed to the one lump I felt. She told me I had to do a total thyroidectomy and during surgery found 10 nodules. So this went from one lump into a full blown thyroid cancer. It went from a not so serious to an extreme surgery and more serious issue. I was so scared because I've never had surgery. Just knowing that someone was cutting me open I had the worst anxiety. It was so scary. But now after going through it, I know not to be as nervous. It was just the not knowing that scared me. Hopefully I don't have to go through this again, knock on wood! It was so helpful that everyone was so nice. Dr. Livhits is the cutest doctor ever, she really calmed me down. Having a huge support system really helped ease into the thought of having surgery and when it came to the day of surgery I was completely calm and ready. I think everyone should get their throat checked. I should have been more adamant about having this checked, years ago. Especially since this is so common, I never really knew anything about this but now I'm a huge advocate of getting your health concerns checked. It's no joke, don't put your health aside!