Parathyroid Surgery

UCLA Health article

I went to my primary care physician for a routine check and that's when I found out I had high calcium. The PCP did a thyroid scan, He didn't see any enlargement, but he could enlargement so recommended I see Dr. Yeh. Dr. Yeh did an ultrasound and saw the enlarged parathyroid and recommended surgery. Originally my surgery was scheduled for March, but for family reasons it needed to be delayed until late August. The delay didn't affect anything, Dr. Yeh said it was okay to wait so he put me on a tablet to lower my calcium level until I could have surgery. Surgery was done in late August. I stayed overnight after surgery because I have other medical conditions . I was discharged by lunchtime the following day. I only had a limited appetite for one or two days due to the swelling. After that my appetite came back and I am doing well.