Parathyroid surgery with Dr. Yeh

UCLA Health article

For a regular physical exam I had a routine blood test. It showed a high calcium level. A PTH hormone test was done, then rechecked twice over the next two months. I saw an endocrinologist.

I had researched that the calcium was not being self regulated when a tumor was present. Calcium was being produced all the time. I checked around for the best surgeon and looked on the internet and talked to friends and contacts who recommended Dr. Yeh.

Dr. Yeh was very personable and really good. He did an ultrasound in his office and scheduled surgery. I was worried beforehand as I had never had surgery before but it went smoother than I thought it would. Dr. Yeh is a very experienced surgeon which is what you need. My throat was sore for about 4 days but I did not feel I needed to take the medicines prescribed. Neck was also uncomfortable but got stronger every day.

It is now 2 1/2 weeks post surgery and the scar is almost non-existent.