Second Time is a charm

UCLA Health article

I was worried when UCLA took over the health plan for my union. I thought there would be less personal care and more red tape to get needed procedures done. However, the opposite has been true. I am now post-op with my second bout of thyroid cancer and have been incredibly pleased with how easy it has been to get the necessary help. My old endocrinologist retired and his practice was bought by a medical group that did not take my insurance so I had to find a new doctor. Incredibly luckily for me, that doctor is Dr. Mora-Beccerra. She has been aggressive in the best possible way and it is due to her diligence that tests found the latest bum lymph node. She immediately sent orders for back up ultra sounds and biopsies and recommended an incredible surgeon, Dr. Yeh. Not only is he a great surgeon but he was able to answer a lot of my husband's questions as he had not been around for the first round of cancer and was generally a bit worried. I could not be more pleased with how well the surgery went or how easy the recovery has been.