Thank you, Dr. Tina!

UCLA Health article

Dr. Tina Nguyen was assigned as my high risk OB when I was admitted to the hospital over 2 months ahead of my daughter's due date after my water broke. In the week leading up to my daughter's birth, Dr. Tina was a regular presence, checking in frequently to answer our questions and ensure we understood the possible outcomes. All my reservations about not having chosen Dr. Tina and meeting her under such stressful circumstances quickly vanished - she reassured me with her calm and confident demeanor. Unlike most doctors, she made herself personally available directly by cell so I could text or call her anytime - and when I did take advantage of this offer, I always got an immediate response. Under Dr. Tina's care, our daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks, perfectly healthy, just needing some time in the NICU to grow.

A year and half later, I was again under Dr. Tina's care for the last 9 months when I learned I was pregnant again. Throughout my pregnancy, she ensured I was informed and understood the plan to get me to a full term pregnancy. As with before, she also made herself available for me to ask my random burning questions via text and was always very quick to respond. When I finally went into labor at 39 weeks, I texted her at 3am to let her know I was headed to the hospital. I didn't expect a response, but sure enough, she texted me back immediately to let me know the team at the hospital was expecting me (does she ever sleep?). I was in incredible pain, scared to death, and on the verge of tears as I was wheeled into Labor and Delivery, only to find Dr. Tina already there waiting for us. In that moment, I knew everything would be ok, and two hours later, our son was born.

Simply put, Dr. Tina is tirelessly dedicated to her patients and we will be forever grateful that she came into our lives that fateful day two years ago. Thank you, Dr. Tina!