Today I'm A Star

UCLA Health article

I had been visiting an endocrinologist for for the past 4 years to monitor my thyroid nodules and was advised to refrain from surgery until absolutely necessary, due to my age (I'm 89). Recently however, I developed trouble swallowing small bites of food and had to start washing them down with water. My thyroid had expanded to the size of an avocado and began to put pressure onto my trachea. My endocrinologist referred me to Dr. Yeh for the surgery, and I ended up getting my entire thyroid removed.

Dr. Yeh is very friendly and engaging, and the entire hospital staff at UCLA SM was very professional from start to finish. From setting up an account with UCLA, answering questions about insurance, and the actual surgery, the team was attentive and highly skilled. I didn't experience any side effects from the surgery except for some mucus and hoarseness. Dr. Yeh performed so well and I recovered so quickly that I could even eat crackers soon after.