Top of their game

I would rate Dr.Yeh as very professional and not intimidating-- he's very easy to talk and everyone here at the clinic was very easy to talk to and compassionate. I was diagnosed with a gross on my thyroid, in September of 2019. I was not very educated at the time but very concerned about cancer and it spreading. What happened is I went to my doctor and had a full body scan and they detected the gross on my thyroid and sent me to a thoracic surgeon and he showed me the ultrasound of my gross. We were in the process of setting up a treatment plan and he was prepared to cut open my chest to take it out but all of this sounded very scary, the idea that my entire chest would have to be open. My daughter started searching for other opinions and options and one of our doctors recommended that we go to USC or UCLA medical to see a thoracic surgeon and when I was here at UCLA the surgeon, Dr. Lee recommended me to see Dr. Yeh. I was at Dr. Lee's office at 8 am and then they set me up with an appointment on the same day at 9:30 am. I was able to see Dr.Yeh and he described the process in a very detailed and friendly manner. During that same day, I was convinced and we booked the appointment for my surgery. He was very convincing and confident he wouldn't have to cut up my chest and he made me feel very comfortable with his description of what he was going to do. He said he was going to remove it all as a whole or in pieces but it would get done. I didn't know his background and accomplishment until after surgery, but even without knowing this he didn't fail to make me feel at ease. My surgery was on February 4th, 2020. I was in the hospital overnight and it has been not very painful with little to no trauma. The surgery went well and I would say that it hurts more to get your teeth pulled out than this surgery. The only thing I had been worried at the most is possible the stitches coming out but the whole surgery and process I would say I haven’t been slowed down at all, not even a day. It was like the biggest unlet down, I was expecting more trauma. I was expecting several weeks of recovery and it was really after 3 days I felt like new. Right now I feel better with the bandages off and I feel fine.

If I could go back through this whole process I want to let others know that my thyroid was lower so I wouldn't have caught the problem if I didn't do the full-body scan. If I were to make a recommendation during a physical exam you should make a thorough one, even if it meant paying more for more tests. If I had done all of this earlier I could have saved myself all the stress sooner and the gross would have been removed sooner. The gross grew quite a bit because it was left undetected. I'm glad I was lucky enough to have it all remove and now there is no cancer detected in my body.

I just think that UCLA and Dr. Yeh's team is the most professional group I have ever worked around everyone is very caring, smart, and professional. Even Dr. Jennifer is on top of her game. Dr.Yeh is amazing but he does a good job selecting his team of associates. I never felt like I was in better hands.

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