Triumphant Thyroid Cancer Surgery!

UCLA Health article

After having her thyroid out in 2011 due to cancer, “Gigi” (ficticious name used for this true story) went back to her then doctor every six months, for five years, for blood tests. The results hovered in the same place and never really came down. Gigi was always curious about this but it was explained away as “it must be normal for you” by her then-doctor.

It wasn’t until August of this year that the previous doctor noted that the blood tests now seemed to show something could be wrong. Visiting Dr. Albay, her new endocrinologist, who received her medical degree from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Gigi went through a battery of tests –ultrasounds, MRIs, PT scans, to name a few- the majority of which, and most definitive of which , came back negative, but two of five tests showed cancer and a biopsy confirmed it. Dr. Albay recommended Gigi see Dr. Yeh for a second opinion and she called him personally due to the complex nature of Gigi’s thyroid situation.

“We didn’t know Dr.Yeh from a load of ice,” Gigi’s husband of 36 years said. “Now we know he is the best in the world!” Insurance approved Gigi’s first appointment with Dr. Yeh where return of the cancer was confirmed. Insurance wanted her to stay in-network for the surgery. “Dr. Yeh is the best guy, he saved my life, “ Gigi said through tears. “He dealt with the insurance company for approval for out of network surgery.”

In this triumphant thyroid cancer surgery Dr. Yeh “took out the whole region where the cancer returned – the cancer and the safety zone. Pathology reports showed 5 of 11 cancerous lymph nodes. I am so relieved now. I have complete confidence in Dr. Yeh,” Gigi said.

Gigi stayed in the hospital overnight and took no pain killers. She returned to work four days after surgery. Coworkers couldn’t believe the rapid recovery time.

“Having the right doctor is most important,” Gigi said, and having a renown surgeon like Dr. Yeh convinces her of this.

“In four more weeks I will have another cancer marker blood test. If the blood test hovers I’ll consider iodine treatment. I am so relieved now. I have full confidence in Dr. Yeh.”