UCLA treats you like a VIP

UCLA Health article

When you are diagnosed with cancer lots of things go through your head. I was anxious, fearful and uncertain. Then I got to UCLA and met with Dr. Yeh. He helped to build my confidence. I was very impressed with him as a doctor and a surgeon. He told me I had great odds and that I would be ok. He drew a picture to explain the surgery and I felt very informed and educated. He saw me again right before surgery and he was upbeat and positive and reassuring. He told me I would be fine. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful. I felt like a VIP from the moment I checked in to the next day when I left. The nursing staff was first rate and even the man who wheeled me out of the hospital was excellent. My mom had come to UCLA for decades so it was never in doubt that I would come here. It was my only choice. It is now just over 1 year since my surgery and I am doing great. Dr. Yeh told me all is clear and there is less than 1% chance of reoccurance. That was excellent news, it's a good day and I feel like celebrating