Unexpected Occurence

UCLA Health article

I found out my Calcium levels were very high through a blood test, but I really didn't feel anything different. I figured that since everything felt normal, the long list of procedures following this diagnosis wasn't necessary at that time. Though, following a second blood test revealing high Calcium levels again, I was encouraged to have a bone density test. Through the scan, I found out that that multiple bones in my body including my pelvis were showing signs of osteopania, which is the transition state into osteoporosis. This realization scared me and prompted me to take action. I was referred to Dr. Yeh and it turned out that I had an enlarged lower quadrant of the parathyroid. It was so strange because I always felt so healthy. I never would've expected this to happen in a million years, but looking back I'm glad to have the procedure done.

I was incredibly nervous going into the surgery, because I hadn't had general anesthesia for many years. Though, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience - the staff was personable and thorough, for example the anesthesiologist took into account my predisposition for motion sickness by giving me medicine prior to the procedure. In addition, the surgery room wasn't as scary as I had imagined, based on expectations on television. Following surgery, I was not in a lot of pain and only had a mild sore throat. It didn't take long between surgery and going back to my daily routine - I even started exercising after 3 days. I don't know if I was overdoing it, but it felt okay and I made sure to take it slow at first. It's truly a relief to have this situation taken care of, and I feel fortunate to have had my father with me the entire process.