We're Here to Help


“If I had come in six months later there was nothing they could have done,” says Kevin Brophy, who came in to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for a colonoscopy and discovered he had stage four colorectal cancer. “I had a seven centimeter tumor in my rectum. There are seven signs of cancer, and I basically had all of them. I blew off the signs because I didn’t like doctors. I went from being someone who had never been to the doctors to feeling like I now know every doctor at UCLA Health. They all say, ‘we’re here to help you, Kevin.’ I did radiation for six weeks, chemotherapy for six weeks and had surgery in December of 2013. The cancer popped up again in 2017 and I did 11 chemotherapy infusions. My scan in July of last year was really clean. It was cancer-free. I made it through the five-year battle and am on the other side. Everyone has been there to help me get healthy."