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What is Precision Health?

Precision health revolutionizes the part we play in the design of our health. The study of our genes, alongside information about our lifestyle and environment, can help predict which treatments might work best for us. It can also warn us if we are susceptible to addictive medications, such as opioids, or tell us if we are at increased risk for certain cancers so we can make changes to prevent them.

“It is the dawn of a new form of medicine – instead of treating people as average, we're able to individualize treatment.”
Daniel Geschwind, MD, PhD, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor, Precision Health

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As part of our mission we aim to transform the lives of patients with rare diseases by discovering the genetics causes, caring for them, and offering clinical trials and treatments for curing their disorder. Click here to learn more about the California Center for Rare Diseases at UCLA >.

Center for Smart Health

The UCLA Center for SMART Health (Systematic, Measurable, Actionable, Resilient and Technology-driven) explores new technologies that provide better information to doctors, resulting in greater treatment for patients.

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California Center for Rare Diseases

The California Center for Rare Diseases at UCLA brings together leading expertise in genetic and genomic medicine to provide greater insight into undiagnosed diseases affecting millions of people globally.

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Precision Diagnostics

precision-diagnostics-spotlight.jpgPrecision Diagnostics at UCLA is a fully integrated clinical service, including genomics and other specialized testing that facilitates lifesaving precision medicine treatments directly to patients—all within the same hospital.

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"The UCLA Institute for Precision Health is a powerful engine for collaboration, bringing all of these disciplines together to create the cures of tomorrow."

Kelsey C. Martin, MD, Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.