Precision Health

At the Forefront of Precision Medicine

In 2016, UCLA Health established the Institute for Precision Health. The goal of the Institute for Precision Health is to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. The study of our genes, alongside information about our lifestyle and environment, can help predict which treatments might work best for us. It can also warn us if we are susceptible to addictive medications, such as opioids, or tell us if we are at increased risk for certain cancers so we can make changes to prevent them. Genomic medicine, a key component of precision health, gives insight into the health or illness of not only ourselves, but those around us. Dr. Daniel Geschwind and Dr. Clara Lajonchere are combining their talents in the Institute for Precision Health and are using their leadership and strategic vision to facilitate the development of platforms for big data integration, clinical diagnostics, and patient bio-banking.

 Our Values

At UCLA Health, our philosophy is founded on the following values:


An Unparalleled Foundation for the Future of Medicine

  • Understanding genetic drivers that cause disease.
  • Aggregating and integrating genomic data to advance research and clinical care.
  • Helping increase the accessibility of DNA-based medicine.
  • Increasing and improving personalized treatments for everyone.


An Unmatched Foundation for Scientific Discovery

  • Innovation within walking distance: medicine, computer science, biotech, ethics and social justice, life sciences, economics, psychiatry, behavioral science, mathematics, public policy, and engineering.
  • Access to 4.8-million patients across the UCLA Health system.


A History of Medical Breakthroughs and Genetic Expertise

  • World’s leading scientists and physicians.
  • Research-focused academic medical center.
  • Unrivaled findings in genetic research and discovery.
  • Culture built on integration and collaboration.


A Large Community Representing the World's Population

  • Los Angeles is a microcosm of the world, an invaluable opportunity for scientists and patients.
  • Diversity is critical to understanding genetic variances among different populations in order to more accurately target treatments based on those differences.