ATLAS Genetic Screening Program

Program Overview

The ATLAS Genetic Screening Program focuses on finding and sharing medically actionable genetic results. Medically actionable results are genetic differences, known as variants, that are linked to disease risks and have screening or treatment options available. This program is screening for variants in our medically actionable gene list

To be eligible for this program, participants must agree to receive genetic results that may affect their healthcare through the Universal Consent for Biological Samples (UCON) and have genomic data stored in the ATLAS database. Individuals cannot directly join the program; their enrollment stems from their prior consent and availability of their data in ATLAS.

If a medically actionable genetic result is identified in this program, participants will be contacted by phone and/or mail to discuss next steps. All research results will be double-checked in a certified clinical laboratory.

The steps for the ATLAS Genetic Screening Program


Atlas database with computer


1. Genomic Data: Genomic data is available in the ATLAS database and the participant chose to receive genetic results that may impact their care via Universal Consent for Biological Samples. 


Medically actionable with computer


2. Research Analysis: Researchers look for genetic differences that are medically actionable. Researchers will not look at every genetic difference.


Consent for targeted testing


3. Clinical Genetic Testing: The genetic difference identified in research is double-checked in a certified clinical lab. This requires an additional consent and a new sample from the participant. 

Genetic counselor


4. Meet with a Genetic Counselor: Participants will meet virtually with a licensed UCLA Genetic Counselor to discuss the clinical result.



Clinical result inside of folder


5. Receive a Copy of the Result: Result(s) will be entered into the participant’s medical chart and shared with their primary care physician.