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The Institute for Precision Health has partnered with the Embedded Clinical Research Institute (ECRI) to utilize Universal Consent for Biological Samples (UCON) as a consenting tool for patients' participation in the ATLAS Community Health Initiative (ATLAS). This initiative extends the opportunity for all UCLA Health patients to engage with ATLAS by opting into the UCON. Additionally, patients have the option to opt-in to receive medically actionable genetic results through our ATLAS Genetic Screening Program, should any actionable findings arise, that could potentially impact their care.

  • You can make a difference: The future of medicine depends on building large and diverse research collections of biological samples and health information. You can help researchers better understand a range of diseases and develop new tests and treatments.
  • Your health care won’t change: Whether you participate or not, your decision won’t affect your relationship with UCLA Health or the services you receive. The only potential impact to you is the possibility of receiving certain genetic results that could affect your health. 
  • Participation is safe and secure: All research samples are sent to the Biobank, a secure facility at UCLA. Your personal information is not available to researchers. Your samples never include your name or other information that could identify you. Instead, samples are assigned a number for research purposes. Only UCLA-approved researchers will be able to use the de-identified samples or associated health information for their studies. 

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If you have further questions about Universal Consent for Biological Samples, please take a look at our frequently asked questions