Data/Sample Requests

The UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative represents a unique, diverse collection of clinical and genomic data from patients across the UCLA Health system. As of January 2024, more than 280,000 patients across UCLA Health have been consented. The overall opt-in rate is 66%. Over 96,000 samples have been successfully genotyped. The data undergoes initial quality control checks before being systematically uploaded in phases to the cloud, facilitating access for researchers.

Data Request

De-identified Clinical and Genotype Data

De-identified clinical and genotype data from UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative patients are available for researchers upon request at no cost. This data can be accessed via the Discovery Data Repository (DDR)* in the Azure cloud.

The Discovery Genomic Integration Desktop Bundle within DDR provides a user with the following data/tools and software:

  • Discovery Data Mart
  • Genomic Files
  • Linux Virtual Machine with the following Genomics software installed: PLINK, GCTA, Eigenstrat, PyLMM

Users can integrate genomic data from the UCLA ATLAS BioBank with EHR phenotypic data from the DDR Data Mart to conduct genome wide association studies (GWAS), principal component analyses and, other analyses using commonly utilized genomics command line tools. Click here to request access to the Genomics Data & Tools.

*DDR is an Analytic-Ready de-identified data repository, a cohort discovery dashboard, and a set of tools and technologies to enable secure and compliant back and front-end access to underlying data. The Discovery Data Repository & Dashboard is now accessible to everyone with a Mednet account and access to VPN.

Identified Data 

The UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) handles all requests for identified data. Click HERE to request a consultation.

Sample Request

All requests for DNA samples of UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative patients will be sent to the Prioritization Scientific Committee for review. Upon approval, the Principal Investigator will be contacted. To submit your request click HERE. 

Note: The UCLA BioBank charges UCLA Principal Investigator a nominal fee for its processing services. Please contact Dr. Clara Magyar for more details.