Ellen Wright Clayton

Ellen Wright Clayton is the Craig-Weaver Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Health Policy,
and Co-Founder of the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University
Medical Center and Professor of Law in Vanderbilt’s Law School. Informed by her twenty-year
experience as a general pediatrician, she has focused for many years on ethical, legal, and
social issues presented by conducting research, particularly in genetics and genomics and more
recently in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the impact of translating these
advances in clinical care and the broader society. Her work is truly transdisciplinary, combining
empirical, normative, and legal analytic methods to address real-world challenges, and she is
passionate about collaborating with learners in these projects. She is currently co-PI of VUMC’s
highly transdisciplinary CEER on genomic privacy and identity, GetPreCiSe, and recently
completed work as co-PI of LawSeqSM, which created in-depth analyses and made
recommendations regarding several issues confronting genomics, including privacy. She is an
elected member of the National Academy of Medicine where she has held numerous leadership
positions and currently serves as Co-Chair of Report Review for the National Academies.