The Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg (Ginsburg) Symposium, hosted by the UCLA Institute for Precision Health, serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among students, postdocs, faculty, and staff from all campuses.

The Ginsburg Symposium is a celebration of academic excellence and collaboration within the field of precision health. It offers a supportive environment for networking, fostering new connections, and exploring potential research collaborations.

The Ginsburg Symposium, encompassing keynote presentations, panel discussions, posters, and oral presentations, is an enriching experience for all attendees. 

Renowned experts in the field deliver insightful keynote presentations, shedding light on cutting-edge research and advancements in precision health. These talks inspire and inform attendees, providing a broad perspective on the field's current trends and future directions. Engaging panel discussions bring together experts from diverse disciplines, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and exploring pressing topics in precision health. Participants have the opportunity to gain unique insights from the discussions and contribute to the conversation through Q&A sessions.

All graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are highly encouraged to submit abstracts for the poster session. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase their research and receive valuable feedback from peers and experts in the field. Among the submitted abstracts, three are selected for oral presentations during a lightning round. This fast-paced session provides a platform for selected presenters to deliver concise, impactful presentations on their research. 

All other abstracts are presented as a poster during the symposium. This inclusive opportunity ensures that all participants have a chance to share their work and engage with fellow attendees. To learn more about the past symposiums click below.