3 Wishes Program

A palliative care initiative celebrating lives and dignifying the dying process.


Our Story

The 3 Wishes Program (3WP) is a palliative care initiative in which clinicians elicit and implement final wishes for patients who are unfortunately imminently dying. By celebrating lives and dignifying the dying process, the goal of the program is to improve the end-of-life experience for all stakeholders, including the patient, the family, and the clinicians.

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To find out more about our 3 Wishes Program, please contact Dr. Thanh Neville.

Mariachi band performing inside hospital room

Patient Stories

The 3 Wishes Program has been an intimate part of many end-of-life stories. UCLA heath care workers have created many comforting final moments for our patients and their families. Here are some highlights.

Gallery of Wishes

Our program has implemented a wide variety of wishes for dying patients and their families. Wishes have ranged from simple fingerprint keepsakes to live performances and elaborate wedding ceremonies.

A wedding in the ICU for a patient and his fiance.
Person holding frame displaying 3 Wishes terminology


Our UCLA 3 Wishes Program is almost entirely philanthropically supported. With an average cost of only $30/patient, your contribution can help bring peace and comfort to many patients and families.

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To find out more about our 3 Wishes Program, email Dr. Thanh Neville.