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3 Wishes Program at UCLA

Celebrating 5 Years

Grant a patient's wish

Reflections from our staff 

A Loved one's perspective

Kindness in America

"The Antidote" a film about kindness, decency and the power of community.

"The Antidote" screen shot
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Reflections about 3 Wishes from a family member and an ICU nurse

Feedback from a 3 Wishes family member

 A nurse recalling a wish for an 'ICU Salon'


3 Wishes Project Toolkit

The 3WP Toolkit was created to assist other hospitals in starting a similar program at their institution. It contains tools and resources that have been useful in the initiation and implementation of the 3WP at UCLA.

3 Wishes Project (Canada)

3 Wishes Program instructional videos for healthcare workers
These instructional videos demonstrate how 3 Wishes might be brought up by the bedside.


For UCLA employees, we have an online training module that you can complete

UCLA 3WP Cornerstone Training

3 Wishes brochures