Uninsured Salvadorans in California

Immigrant Salvadorans are three times more likely to be uninsured, compared to U.S.-born Salvadoran-Americans. While all Latino communities struggle to manage the high costs of seeking health care, Salvadoran-American communities find themselves in a unique position: in addition to choosing between going without care or seeking less expensive care in Tijuana, some Salvadorans seek even lower-cost care in El Salvador.

As the Latino population grows in California, it is important to disaggregate data sets in order to better understand the various communities within that larger population. For example, why is uninsurance higher among immigrant Salvadorans, compared to U.S.-born Salvadorans? Learning the answer will provide a richer, more robust understanding of what is happening with this population and what steps we might take to close the insurance gap before future pandemics appear.

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Salvadoran-American Health Policy Brief Series No. 1: Uninsured Salvadorans in California