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Latest Report: COVID Casts Stark Light on Structural Inequalities in California

In a society without structural inequalities, the COVID-19 mortality curve for California would have been the same for everyone. But the first pandemic year has cast a stark light on the various inequalities that are part of California's social structure.

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Telehealth & COVID-19: Policy Considerations to Improve Access to Care

Researchers examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to care for vulnerable populations and offer policy recommendations to ensure continued access to high-quality care for all patients through telehealth, especially for patients in linguistically and medically underserved communities.

California’s Physician Shortage During COVID-19: A Policy Roadmap To Expand Access To Care

For decades, California has been grappling with a severe physician crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the detrimental impacts it has on the lives of low-income residents and communities of color. The report offers policy recommendations to increase access to healthcare in preparation for a second wave and to build a lasting healthcare infrastructure for the state’s ongoing needs.