COVID-19 Research

Latest Report: COVID Casts Stark Light on Structural Inequalities in California

In a society without structural inequalities, the COVID-19 mortality curve for California would have been the same for everyone. But the first pandemic year has cast a stark light on the various inequalities that are part of California's social structure.

The Surge of Summer through Winter, 2020–2021: COVID-19 Burned Through California’s Latino Population

The COVID-19 surge of summer through winter 2020-2021 makes apparent a significant disparity between Latino and non-Hispanic white death rates.

COVID-19 Punishes Latinos for Hard Work and Larger Families

During its first year, the coronavirus has ravaged Latino families and communities in California and the United States far more than it has non-Latino populations. How much worse has it been?

The First Year of Latino COVID-19 Deaths: Why Should Anyone Care?

First Year of Latino Deaths


During its first year, the coronavirus has ravaged Latino families and communities in California and the United States far more than it has non-Latino populations. This report takes a look at how much worse has it been.

COVID-19, Latino Working-Age Adults, and Citizenship

Latino Working Age Adults

Farm workers provide a good example of how age, citizenship, essential jobs, and COVID-19 intersect to deadly effect. In this report, we provide a demographic profile to give context showing that the largest number of Latino non-citizens in California are concentrated in the age groups 35-49 and 50-64.

For Whom the Bell Tolls: COVID-19 Death Patterns in California

For Whom the Bell Tolls COVID 19

As of July 8, 2020, a total of 6,519 people in California had died due to COVID-19 associated conditions. These deaths did not occur randomly in the state’s population.

Extended exposure to coronavirus, less access to health insurance and doctor’s visits, and less access to care result in more comorbidities.

The COVID-19 Case Rate and California's Diversity: Patterns in Coronavirus Exposure

Covid 19 case rate

Every case of COVID-19 is the result of someone having been exposed to the coronavirus.

Different patterns of coronavirus exposure in California’s major racial/ethnic (R/E) groups can be seen in different patterns of actual COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population.

State COVID-19 Case Rates and Pandemic Protection: A Metric for Decisions to Implement, Continue, or Relax Measures

Covid Case Rates

A governor’s decision to implement, continue, or relax pandemic protection measures needs to take into account that state or territory’s COVID-19 case rate.

This report ranks the COVID-19 case rates for all U.S. states and territories to provide a starting point for making decisions about such measures.

COVID-19 Who Can Afford to Pay the Costs of Care?

Who can afford the cost of care

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on essential workers—who earn little and rarely have health insurance, we find ourselves asking a grave question.

COVID-19--Associated Deaths in Working-Age Latino Adults

Associated deaths in working age adults

In this report, we take a closer look at the progression of COVID-19--associated deaths in the Latino ethnic group, in young adults, early middle aged, and late middle aged, between May 11 and August 11, 2020. COVID-19--associated deaths are burning their way through the entire Latino working-age population.

From the Memorial Day to the Fourth of July Weekends 2020: The COVID-19 Case Rate Increase in California’s Diverse Population

Memorial Day

Shortly after the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in California, in late February and early March, the state aggressively took protective measures to flatten the curve of coronavirus spread, by discouraging the emergence of large, closely packed crowds.

But there was a blind spot in the state’s aggressive measures. While some essential workers, such as physicians and nurses, were provided with N-95 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), other essential workers were overlooked.

COVID-19 and Diversity: The Emerging Picture in California

Covid 19 Emerging picture in California

The coronavirus does not discriminate. Like the falling rain, it descends upon everyone, young or old, rich or poor. But there are patterns of who stays dry and who gets drenched during this pandemic.

Age-specific death rates in California’s diverse population provide an emerging pattern of how social umbrellas are distributed by race/ethnic group.