Diary of Justo Veytia

Source: El Clamor Público, May 10, 1856, p.1.

Translation: To the Gold! Many of our citizens are preparing themselves to leave in search of gold, which is said or thought to be hidden in the mountains that surround this city. Safe travels

The Diary of Justo Veytia, a Mexican Forty-Niner, 1849–1850

Although diaries and accounts by native-born Californio prospectors and 49ers from other Latin American countries have been published previously, this is the only known diary of a Mexican in the California Gold Rush. The diary of Mexican 49er Justo Veytia has been translated into English and annotated by Dr. David E. Hayes-Bautista, Cynthia L. Chamberlin, and Paul Bryan Gray, with an afterword by the diarist’s great-grandson, Luis Jaime Veytia y Veytia. This annotated translation, with an introduction by Dr. Hayes-Bautista, will serve as a text and primary source material for undergraduate students, historians, and the general public.