Our Mission

The Bruin Beans Health Club (BBHC) aims to foster future leaders in healthcare through opportunities in clinical research, health education and outreach, and career development.

Bruin Beans works with members of all aspects of healthcare to properly advance kidney health; in modern medicine the proper treatment of patients and patient populations requires the cooperative work of individuals from varying fields including: dieticians, nurses, physician's assistants, doctors, therapists, public health, and public policy.

Although we focus on kidney health, members are not required to have a specific interest in it. Bruin Beans is a multidiciplinary group that has no restrictions based on major, career interest, or undergraduate year. We welcome (and highly encourage!) people from all backgrounds, both academic and in life, to join us in our mission.

Clinical Research

From hypertension studies to rare genetic disorders like Fabry disease, BBHC has paired with Doctor Anjay Rastogi's research office, one of the largest at UCLA, to increase the medical body of literature on disease and disease prevention.

  • SRP 99, SRP 199 or Volunteer
  • Patient and Doctor exposure
  • Work directly with investigational medicinal products (IMP) and patients to gather clinical information with the ultimate goal of FDA approval

Health Education and Outreach

  • UCLA Kidney Education Enhancement Program (UKEEP)
    • Free monthly comprehensive educational program for patients with kidney disease
    • Topics include healthy lifestyle choices, diabetes and kidney health management.
  • Health Fairs
  • Kidney Month: March Event
    • Yearly UCLA Health Event
    • 2K/3K Run Walk

Career Development

  • Academic Peer Mentorship
  • Independent Research Projects
  • Guest Lectures with:
    • Medical Doctors & Surgeons
    • Clinical Researchers
    • Residents
    • Medical students
    • Dieticians
    • Patients | Kidney Donors
    • Public Health
    • And many more! 
  • Workshops:
    • Interview preparedness
    • CV