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Volunteer Services at UCLA-Westwood

Thank you for your interest! We are always looking for great people to volunteer in our UCLA Clinical Research Office. Please keep in mind that as a volunteer in our office, you will have contact with patients, patient information or patient identifiable data. You can apply as a Non-Student Volunteer or Student Volunteer using the following link: uclahealth.org/Volunteer/Volunteer-at-Westwood

To start, you will need to have a Referral Form for a pre-arranged location (see below for further instructions). After submitting the application, UCLA Volunteer Services will send you an "On-Boarding Session" link to schedule an appointment for a livescan. Please schedule this appointment even though you do not have all of your paperwork/vaccinations ready because the livescan will take a few weeks and this will give you some time to complete your paperwork/vaccinations. Once you have the completed paperwork/vaccinations, you can return to Volunteer Services to turn these in.

Referral Form and training instructions:

  • Please send an email and attach resume to [email protected] to obtain a meeting and a referral form.
  • We will also require some basic training that you will receive details for at this time.

Once cleared by UCLA Volunteer Services, you will receive a Volunteer Assignment Referral Slip that you will need to have signed and returned to UCLA Volunteer Services. You will then be able to obtain a photo identification badge from Health System Security (CHS Room B8-155). This badge should be worn at all times when you are in any UCLA building.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you soon! 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

UCLA CORE Kidney Program

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