Medical Staff Required Trainings - RRH, SMH, NPH

Please complete ALL training modules listed below at Initial Appointment:

*AD account required for module. New Applicants to complete after AD account has been issued.

Please complete ALL training modules listed below Reappointment:

Please log into Cornerstone HERE

If you fail to complete the training within 14 days, your CareConnect access will be suspended.

  •  No exceptions will be granted, and suspension will be lifted only after we receive notification of completion.
  • UC Regents requires every physician and every non-physician practitioner (e.g., nurse practitioner, physician assistant, psychologist, dentist) credentialed or otherwise permitted to practice by a UC academic medical center or medical group to complete an online Boundaries Training Course at least biannually and thereafter.

For technical support questions pertaining to the online training modules please contact one of the following Human Resources Coordinators by email: