Targeting the Body and the Mind: Evaluation of a P.E. Curriculum Intervention for Adolescents

Journal of Education and Training Studies

In 2015, findings from a study on the effectiveness of the Sound Body Sound Mind curriculum were published in the Journal of Education and Training Studies. SBSM partnered with UCLA professor and Associate Dean Dr. Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (RKF). The comprehensive study examined the curriculum’s effect of student fitness levels, as well as student, parent and teacher perceptions of exercise. The study came back with overwhelmingly positive results that highlighted increases in participation after implementing the SBSM curriculum. Increases in pass rates of the California-mandated physical exam, FitnessGram also soared.

Key Survey Findings

  • Teachers reported higher class participation rates using the Sound Body Sound Mind Curriculum when compared to previously used curricula.
  • 82% of students reported feeling more knowledgeable about fitness and exercise after participating in the curriculum.
  • The majority of parents believe their student have more opportunities to exercise at school than outside of school.
  • SBSM students report that being healthier is their top motivation for participating in PE class

Break a Sweat, Change Your Life: The Urgent Need for Physical Education in Schools

Break a sweat, change your life

Motivated by the increase in research on the positive impacts of exercise, the founder of Sound Body Sound Mind, William E. Simon Jr., wrote a captivating book urging adults to take a greater interest in the activity of our youth. With obesity among children on the rise, it has become increasingly important to ensure students are getting the appropriate exercise in PE. This book investigates the causes and effects of America’s obesity crisis and provides examples of successful physical education programs. Not only is this book an enjoyable read, it is a crucial asset for teachers and parents alike.