School Leaders Advisory Council

Mission and Goals 

Through an advisory council, Sound Body Sound Mind aims to offer a forum for teachers and administrators to provide their input and expertise in the development and outreach of our programming efforts. The goal of the Sound Body Sound Mind School Leaders Advisory Council is to advise SBSM on inclusive, equitable and sustainable strategies to ensure we offer resources that are beneficial and equitable to our students and teachers.


Image of David

David Beard

PE Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School, GUSD

Image of Jonathan

Johnathan Chaikitiratana

Principal, Marquez High School, LAUSD


Julian Cortez

Image of Kimberly

Kimberly Espinoza

PE Teacher, Huntington Park High School, LAUSD

This is Ms. Espinoza's third year teaching physical education at Huntington Park High School. She graduated with her Master's in Education from Cal State LA. She is currently a member of the School Decision Committee at her school where she is a strong advocate for physical education in and out of the classroom

In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, travelling, and taking classes at the local community college to continue learning.

Image of Steven

Steven Frazer

PE Teacher, Clark Magnet High School, GUSD

Image of Erika

Erika Guijarro

PE Teacher, Arleta High School, LAUSD

Ms. Guijarro has been teaching PE at Arleta High School for 14 years. She coaches girls basketball and softball, and she enjoys watching her students grow athletically and mature into adults. In her free time she plays in basketball and softball leagues and she is on the board for the US Korfball team.



Geno Johnson

Image of Dr. Kassabian

Dr. Narek Kassabian

Principal, Wilson Middle School, GUSD

Dr. Kassabian is currently the principal at Wilson Middle School in the Glendale Unified. In her 20 years as an educator, she has been a teacher at Hoover High School, middle school assistant principal, and an elementary principal prior to her current role. Dr. Kassabian focuses on embracing a positive school culture with an emphasis on developing relationships and creating a sense of belonging for all students.

Image of Nicole

Nicole Perkins

PE Teacher, Huntington Park High School

Ms. Perkins has been teaching physical education with LAUSD for 17 years, been department chair for the past 8 years, and coaching girls basketball for 20 years. She is passionate about teaching and mentoring young adults because this is the time they begin to think about how they will contribute to society. Her favorite part about being a teacher is seeing her students recognize their growth as much as she does.


Image of Carla

Carla Richardson

PE Teacher, Hughes Middle School, LBUSD 

Ms. Richardson has been teaching 6th grade physical education at Hughes Middle School for 26 years straight! She believes that the students keep her young and on her toes. She continues to learn, adapt, and change lessons throughout the years to help students become their best selves.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, traveling, shopping, and dining.

Image of Sarah

Sarah Savala

PE Teacher, Marshall Academy of the Arts, LBUSD 

Ms. Savala has 25 years of teaching experience in physical education, health education and dance. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and was recently awarded the CAHPERD Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 2022. She is an advocate for high quality physical education programs.

Image of Sherry

Sherry Stewart

PE Teacher, Los Angeles Academy for Enriched Studies, LAUSD 

Image of Gaby

Gaby Tucker

APE Teacher, Willenberg Career and Transition Center, LAUSD

Ms. Tucker has been teaching physical education for 17 years, of those, 15 have been with LAUSD as an adaptive physical education teacher. When she is not inspiring her students, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking, traveling, and exploring new places. She is married with fourth grown children.

Image of Laura

Laura White

APE Teacher, Mt. Gleason Middle School, LAUSD

Ms. White has been working in LAUSD for 16 years. She has a master's degree and a national certification in adaptive physical education. The best part of her job is enjoying what she does and who she works with.