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How to practice mindful meditation in our everyday lives.  By Peter O'Dowd and Samantha Raphelson. Wbur, May 2024. Read more

Why you should be using a mindfulness journal — and how to keep with it — according to experts. By Kara Birnbaum. Today, Feb 2024. Read more

No Pain, No Gain? Your Body Would Like a Word. . Read more


The Power of Meditation: A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness. By Paul Wynn.Read more

Coping with holiday stress. UCLA Health, Dec 2023. Read more

The Best Meditation Apps. By Caira Blackwell. NY Times, Nov 2023. Read more

8 Ways to Keep Atopic Dermatitis From Ruining Your Holidays. By Beck Upham. Everyday Health, Oct 2023. Read more

What's Good?! Mindful Awareness at the Hammer Museum.  By Amy Paffrath. Spectrum News, Oct 2023. Read more

5 Meditations to Calm Anxiety. By Kamilah Majied. Lion's Roar, Jul 2023.  Read more

Here's how 10 minutes of mindfulness can help make or break a family vacation. By Allison Aubrey. NPR, Jul 2023. Read more

What Are The Types of Meditation? By Paul WynnRead more

Can Mindfulness Meditation Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain? By Meryl Davids Landau. Everyday Health, Jun 2023. Read more

13 chill L.A. parks for when you want to do absolutely nothing. By Mark Gozonsky. LA Times, Jun 2023. Read more

What You Need To Know About The Best Guided Meditations. By Lauren Silva. Forbes, Jun 2023. Read more

Learn about mindfulness from Diana Winston. By Matt Flesock. Sound Body Sound Mind, May 2023. Read more

A guide to meditation for people who think they can’t meditate. By Allie Volpe. Vox, May 2023. Read more

11 great apps for learning about mindfulness. By Rebecca Ruiz. Mashable, Apr 2023. Read more

Meditation apps for beginners: how to find the right app for you. By Zack Zwiezen. US Times Post, Mar 2023. Read more

How to choose a meditation app that's right for you. By Rebecca Ruiz. Mashable, Mar 2023. Read more

5 Completely Free Meditation Apps to Help Center Your Mind. By Danielle Slauter. Real Simple, Mar 2023. Read more

For first Black man to wear hiking’s ‘triple crown,’ the trails are a place for healing. By Dakota Kim. LA Times, Feb 2023.  Read more

The Best Meditation Apps To Help You Relax. By Kristi Echert. Tell Me Best, Feb 2023. Read more

Why Do You Sometimes Cry While Meditating? By Hannah Darling Fenn. Glam, Jan 2023. Read more

Mental health healer, heal thyself. By Sandy Cohen. UCLA Health, Jan 2023. Read more

The ability to be compassionate towards self is essential for positive mental health, studies show. By Sara E. Teller. Legal Reader, Jan 2023. Read more

The 14 Best Meditation Apps to Download Right Now. By Sophie Saint Thomas and Audrey Noble. Allure, Jan 2023. Read more



How to be less stressed and more present this holiday season, according to experts. By Stephanie Dubois. CBC News, Dec 2022. 

6 Free Gratitude Meditations to Help You Get Grounded. By Rebecca Ruiz. Mashable, Nov 2022. Read more

Mindfulness matters. By Rachel Rothschild. Prime, Fall 2022. Read more

Use these mental health resources to help yourself — or anyone else. By Laura Newberry. LA Times, Sept 2022. Read more

The 7 best meditation apps you can use for free.  By Dave Johnson. Business Insider, Aug 2022. Read more

Say Yes to an Open Heart. By Diana Winston. Lion's Roar, Aug 2022. Read more

Learn Meditation and Mindfulness at a Museum. By Barbara Twardowski and Jim Twardowski. Next Avenue, Jul 2022. Read more

Goldie Hawn’s ’emotional vaccine’ for kids’ anxiety: Mindfulness. By CNN, Jul 2022. Read more

The 9 Best Online Guided Meditation Options in 2022. By Gia Miller and Karen Lamoreaux. Psych Central, Jun 2022. Read more

Can meditation and mindfulness exercises reduce stress? By CBS Texas Staff. CBS News, May 2022. Read more

All About Guided Sleep Meditation. By Kaitlin Vogel. Psych Central, May 2022. Read more

The 9 Best Free Sleep Meditation Apps. By Emma Singer. Pure Wow, May 2022. Read more

UCLA First Thursdays amplifies student mental wellness resources, ends with vocal and comedic performances. By Eva Danesh. Daily Bruin, May 2022. Read more

A lot has changed during the pandemic. How to navigate our new normal. UC Davis Health, May 2022. Read more

Effective Ways to Use Technology For Practising Mindfulness. Business Matters, Mar 2022. Read more

Mindfulness Summit for Executives Launches in Response to New Workplace Challenges. Digital Journal, Mar 2022. Read more

Stressed by traffic? Here’s how to cope. By Kristin Wong. LA Times, Mar 2022. Read more

The 6 Best Meditation Apps in 2022. By Crystal Raypole and Traci Pedersen. Psych Central, Jan 022. Read more

5 Easy Ways to Start Practicing Mindfulness Now. By Rebecca Ruiz. Mashable, Jan 2022. Read more


5 Reasons to Start a Mindfulness Practice — and How it Can Help You. By Jen Rose Smith. CNN, June 2021. Read more

10 Types of Meditation: What to Know About Each One and How to Get Started. By Arricca Elin SanSone. Prevention, April 2021. Read more

Netflix Wants To Help You Sleep. Why Wellness Is The Next Front In The Streaming Wars. By Nate Rogers. Los Angeles Times, April 2021. Read more

10 Misconceptions You Might Have About Meditation, According to Experts. By Max Kalnitz. Insider, March 2021. Read more

4 Beginner Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do Without an App. By Siobhan Neela-Stock.  Mashable, March 2021. Read more


Opinion: UCLA’s mindfulness resources not worth much without proper publicity. By Deepto Mizan, Daily Bruin, October 2020. Read more

How to Meditate When You Have No Idea Where to Start. By Anna Borges. Self, September 2020. Read more

12 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement: 2020. By Stephanie Domet.  Mindful, August 2020. Read more

The way to begin meditating so it functions to you. By Harish.  The News Pocket, July 2020. Read more

Hammer Museum moves meditations to Zoom, sees attendance spike in stressful times. By Phoebe Chen.  Daily Bruin, July 2020. Read more

Join the Hammer Museum's ‘Mindful Awareness'. By Alysia Gray Painter.  NBC Los Angeles, July 2020. Read more

How to start meditating.  By Amelia Niernberg.  New York Times, June, 2020. Read more

How to meditate: A beginner's guide to meditation and mindfulness.  By Will Fischer. Insider, June, 2020. Read more

10 things to do safely this summer in the great outdoors.  By Ross May. Los Angeles Times, May, 2020. Read more

Learn about mindfulness and its benefits — and how to practice it with or without meditation.  By Moira Lawler. Insider, May, 2020. Read more

How to Ease Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic.  By Jessica Branch. Consumer Reports, April, 2020. Read more

Meditation and mindfulness tips for coping with the coronavirus pandemic.  By Lisa BooneLos Angeles Times, March 2020. Read more

Can you even meditate without new-age music, man? By Brittany Levine Beckman. Mashable, March 2020. Read more

The Newest Fertility Accessory: A Wellness Coach By Katharine Gammon. New York Times, February 2020. Read more

How Southern California is Turning Mindfulness Into a Business. By Jennifer Rufer. Spectrum News, January 2020. Watch video


Headspace app helps guide people through meditation. By Joe Fryer. Today, September 2019. Read more

Let's Get Better. By JC Crumrine. Idyllwild Town Crier, August 2019. Read more

Meditation alleviates depression in Spanish-speaking immigrants, study finds. By Eric Lopez-Maya et al. PLOS ONE, July 2019. Read more

Tech of the Month: Mindfulness Apps. By Kathleen Doheny. Senior Planet, June 2019. Read more

How to Get Better at Being. By Ephrat Livni. Quartzy, April 2019. Read more

How A Grounded Pilot Used Meditation to Fly Again. By Stephanie Domet. Mindful, March 2019. Read more

These Two Quick Breathing Practices Will Calm Your Racing Thoughts. By Caroline Muggia. MindBodyGreen, Mindfulness, March 2019. Read more

Instagram's 'Hashtag Mindfulness' boom: The good, the bad, and the ugly. By Rachel Kraus. Mashable, Tech, March 2019. Read more

Meditation Apps: Are They Worth It?. By Lidia Davis. Reviews,  January 2019. Read more

Mindfulness & the Mind-Body Connection. Larry King Now, January 2019. Read more

Does L.A.’s Absurd, Narcissistic, and Pricey Mindfulness Trend Have Its Benefits? By Kelly MacLean. Los Angeles Magazine, January 2019. Read more


7 Tips to Travel Mindfully. By Sarah Schlichter., February 2018. Read more

How Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress and Improve Quality of Life for People With MS. By  Meryl Davids Landau. Everyday Health, October 2018. Read more


7 Ways to Manage Stress. By Janet Lee. Consumer Reports, June 2017. Read more

De-Stress Your Life. By Sandra Block. Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Healthy Living on a Budget, February 2017. Read more

Master the Art of Meditation. By Sandra Block. Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Healthy Living on a Budget, February 2017. Read more

Mindfulness Trainers Reaching Out to School Principals. By Adolfo Guzman-Lopez. Southern California Public Radio (KPCC): Education, January 2017. Read more

5 Mental Tricks to Help You Manage Stress and Be More 'Mindful'in 2017. By Michelle Maltais. Los Angeles Times:Health and Wellness, January 2017. Read more


Feeling Stressed About the Election? Mindfulness Can Help. By Libby Denkmann and Monica Bushman. Southern California Public Radio (KPCC): Take Two, October 2016. Read more

How Mindfulness is Changing Law Enforcement. By Jill Suttie. University of California, Berkeley: Greater Good, May 2016. Read more

Mindfulness Meditation and Your Health. By Kathleen Doheny. Diabetic Lifestyle, April 2016. Read more

Can You Meditate Your Way to Better Health? By Mary Brophy Marcus. CBS News, March 2016A recent CBS news roundup of mindfulness research quoted MARCRead more

Can Mindfulness Meditation offer Drug-Free Pain Relief? By Mary Brophy Marcus. CBS News, March 2016. Read more

Colleges Turn to Meditation to Help You Destress. By Greta Bjornson. USA Today: College, March 2016. Read more

Simple Strategies to Improve Memory and Brain Health. By Meg Sibal, MD. Filipino Reporter: Editorials, March 2016. Read more

Take a Minute, Breathe Deep, and Put Your Anxiety on Hold. By Dr. Leena Shankar Nathan. The Acorn: Health and Wellness, February 2016. Read more

Too Scared to Sleep? What Can You Do? By David Cunnington. Huffington Post: Sleep and Wellness, January 2016. Read more


26 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter. By Lila Battis. Today: Health and Wellness, November 2015. Read more

Mindfulness in the Classroom: A How-To Guide. By Linda Yaron. Education Week, November 2015. Read More

Defeating my Anxiety. By JJ Cowles. The New York Times, November 2015. Read more

Exploring the Promise of Mindfulness as Medicine.  By Laura Bucholz. The Journal of the American Medical Association, October 2015. Read more

4.7 million NIH grant to fund Mindfulness Research. By Julia Choi. The Brown Daily Herald, September 2015. Read more

How Not to Fip your Lid over College Applicatinos. By Brennan Barnard. The Washington Post, August 2015. Read more

The Power of Mindful Leadership. By Bill George. The Huffington Post, July 2015. Read more

Try A Body Scan Before Sleep: 12 Ways to Meditate. Mens' Journal, June 2015. 

Interview: Jessica Alba's Secrets. Shape Magazine, May 2015. Read more

UCLA Offering Free weekly Meditation. By David Mark Simpson. Santa Monica Daily Press, March 2015. Read more

25 Minutes of Silence in the City of Angels. By Jon Hanc. New York Times, March 2015. Read more

6 tricks to a quick surgical recovery. Consumer Reports, March 2015. Read more

Trouble sleeping? UCLA researchers say meditation might help. By Adrian Florido. 89.3 KPCC, February 2015. Read more

Can Meditation Keep your Brain Youthful? By Denise Dador. ABC7 Eye Witness News, February 2015. Read more

World 3.0: Meditation Promotes Health and Happiness. By Bianna Golodryga. Yahoo News, January 2015. Read more

4 Helpful Meditation Apps. Washingtonian, December 2014. Read more


Burnt Out? The Busy Girl's Guide To Meditation, by Meirav Devash (Allure, 2014) Read more

9 Field-Tested Strategies to Reduce Stress, by Erin Beresini (Outside Magazine, October 15, 2014) Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Life Less Stressful (Cosmopolitan, September 28, 2014) Read more

'Time-Outs' Are Hurting Your Child, by Daniel J. Siegel M.D and Tina Payne Bryson Ph.D. (Time Magazine, September 23, 2014) Read more

Coping with anxiety: Newsmen share strategies, including Meditation, by Mary MacVean (Los Agneles Times, September 19, 2014) Read more

Goop mag #15, by Gwyneth Paltrow (Goop Magazine, May 2014) Read more

Don't Stress, Live a Little, by Dan Gordon (UCLA Magazine, January 2014) Read more

Daniel Siegel: "Brainstorm: The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain, by Diane Rehm (National Pubic Radio, January 2014) Read more

Meditation can help with anxiety, pain, depression, study says, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, January 2014) Read more


Study: Living with purpose equals better health, by Denise Dador (ABC 7 News, August 2013)

Music as Meditation heals, connects, by Ileana Najarro, (Santa Monica Daily Press, July 2013) Read more

Mindfulness meditation: It may be essential, but, boy, it isn't easy, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, March 2013)

Practicing Mindful Leadership, by Erika Tierney Garms (American Society for Training & Development, March 2013)

Don't Overthink It, by Ben Kallen (Los Angeles Magazine, March 2013) Read more

Mindfulness in Action: Kari Mozena vs. Her Wandering Mind, by Kari Mozena (Los Angeles Magazine, March 2013)

Emergency Stress Relief- Relief Tension at Work, by Kim Tranell (, February 2013) Read more

How to find that mind-body balance, and keep it, by Hillary MacGregor (Los Angeles Times, January 2013)


Stressed out? 5 ways the internet can help, by Deborah Netburn (Sydney Morning Herald, November 2012) Read more

Drop-in Meditation Sessions Help Bring Awareness and Release Stress, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, September 2012)

Live in the moment with Mindful Meditation, by Stephanie Carey (Daily News, August 2012)

Mindfulness meditation is shown to reduce loneliness in elderly in a recent study, by Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA scientists (Carnegie Mellon University Press, July 2012) Read more

East Meets West in UCLA Medicine, by Scott Fields (UCLA Magazine, July 2012) Read more


Busy is measured in Units of Shatner, by William Shatner and Chris Regan (Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large. Penguin Group. 2011) Read more

Event: Mindful Awareness: Ancient Practice, Modern Science, (Women & Philanthropy, November 2011)

Mindful Awareness Research Center Event Explores Neuroscience Behind Creativity Through Meditation, Song by James Barragan and Lauren Jow, (UCLA Daily Bruin, June 2011) Read more

Scientific Studies Suggest that Mindfulness Can Be Beneficial to Well-Being by Sandy Bui (UCLA Daily Bruin, May 2011) Read more

Meditation Practices in the Wake of Tragedy by Diana Winston, (, March 2011)

Suffering Is Optional by Dr. Sue Smalley and Diana Winston (, January 2011)


UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center Provides Classes on How to Relax by Laura Moeini  (UCLA Daily Bruin, September 2010) Read more

Saying Yes to An Open Heart by Diana Winston (Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly, May 2010) Read more

Creating Community in LA: Neighborhood Meditation Groups by Michael Sigman (The Huffington Post, Feb 2010) Read more


What Inspired A Scientist To Open A Meditation Center At UCLA? by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald (The Huffington Post, July 15, 2009) Read more

'Mindfulness' Meditation Being Used in Hospitals and Schools by Marilyn Elias (USA TODAY, June 2009Read more

Three Steps to a Healthier You  by Erin Courtenay (, Janaury 2009) Read more


Mind over Matters Through Meditation by Catherine Guthrie (O, The Oprah Magazine, December 2008) Read more

Study Shows Meditation Helps Immune Sysytem by Seda Terzyan (UCLA Daily Bruin, August 2008) 

Attention Class by Maggie Jackson (The Boston Globe, June 29, 2008) Read more

Take a Deep Breath by Jaime Joyce (TIME for Kids, March 7, 2008) 


Mindfulness Meditation Training in Adults and Adolescents With ADHD: A Feasibility Study (Journal of Attention Disorders [PubMed], November 19, 2007)  Read more

ADHD Kids Can Get Better by Krista Mahr (TIME, Nov 12, 2007) Read more

Calm Inc by Diana Winston (UCLA Magazine, July 2007)

In the Classroom: A New focus on Quieting the Mind by Patricia Leigh Brown (New York Times, June 16, 2007)

Book Review of the Mindful Brain by Dr. Siegel (Scientific American, June/July 2007)

An Interview with Dr. Susan Smalley, Founder and Director of MARC (Smart Business Los Angeles, May 2007)

2006 and Earlier

Newsmaker: Lidia Zylowska (ADDitude Magazine, August 09, 2006) Read more

Learning Awareness, Balance, Compassion and Clarity in the Classroom: The New ABCs (AscentMagazine, Winter 2005) Read more

Is it in the Mind? by Ajay Singh (UCLA Magazine, 2004) Read more