Small Business First Program

UCLA Health strives to provide the maximum opportunity to small and diverse businesses to participate as suppliers and providers of goods and services.

The informal solicitation process for Small Business First requires:

  • One quote for purchases between $10K and below $100K
  • Two quotes for purchases between $100K up to $250K

There is a waiver process for when the Small Business First program is not feasible, or when contracting with other business types is justified. Exceptions include:

  • Medical and patient care
  • Purchases that are sole source/unique professional services/emergency
  • Purchases through existing strategically sourced agreements
  • Other exemptions

Frequently procured supplies and services that are within the scope of the Small Business First program

  • Advertising-Promotional
  • Artwork under $5000
  • Books, Publications, and Subscriptions
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance Supplies
  • Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Collection Agencies
  • Computers, Accessories and Specialized IT Equipment under $5000
  • Consultants and Consulting Services
  • Employee Wearing Apparel
  • Freight, Delivery, Mailing & Courier
  • Fuel, Lubricants, and Additives
  • Laundry Services
  • Leased Software/Website Usage Fees
  • Non-Capital Improvements under $35,000
  • Office & Administrative Supplies
  • Office Furniture under $5000
  • Other Non-Medical Supplies
  • Printing and Reproductions
  • Repair and Maintenance Parts
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software under $5000 and Non-Perpetual License Fees
  • Staff Development
  • Technology Support Services
  • Temporary Employment Services-Clerical and Other Admin
  • Temporary Employment Services-Environmental and Food Services
  • Temporary Employment Services-Mgmt and Supervision
  • Temporary Employment Services-Other
  • Temporary Employment Services-Technicians and Specialists
  • Tools and Equipment under $5000
  • Waste Management Services

Small and diverse supplier registration

UCLA Health has committed to establishing and integrating measurable and effective diversity and inclusion processes into all procurement activities that support strategic sourcing and procurement across all divisions, maximizing the number of small and diverse suppliers in our supplier base. 

We encourage small and diverse suppliers to register as a supplier with Supplier.IO, which is the supplier database for the entire University of California system. Supplier.IO’s SupplierOne Registration portal enables diverse and small business suppliers to be discovered by over 400 corporations looking for new supplier sources. Suppliers can create free profiles with the information buyers need to know when evaluating companies and products. There is also an option for self-certification.

Please note that registering as a vendor does not guarantee a business opportunity.

To prepare to participate in the Small Business First Program, follow these steps:

  1. Register with Supplier.IO
  2. Read UC Terms & Conditions
  3. Complete the UCLA Health Small Business Supplier Interest Form

Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN)

UCLA Health is a member of the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN). HAN members are mission-driven organizations linked to the well-being of the communities they serve. The long-term goal HAN is to reach a critical mass of health systems adopting as an institutional priority to improve community health and well-being by leveraging all their assets, including hiring, purchasing and investment for equitable, local economic impact. By doing so, we can powerfully impact the upstream determinants of health and help build inclusive and sustainable local economies.

UCLA Health Anchor Mission Task Force

The UCLA Health Anchor Mission Task Force includes the following pillars:

  • Procurement Pillar (Sourcing within the community)
  • Investment Pillar (Investing money within the community)
  • Talent Acquisition (Hiring within the community
  • Environmental Justice (Environmental activism in the community)
  • Community Partnerships (Partnering within the community)

The UCLA Health Anchor Mission Task Force has already begun investigating what we as UCLA are doing in each respective space. The task force is also identifying what other members are doing in the HAN space and what could be feasible for UCLA Health. The committee’s strategic vision is to engage with the community to better understand their unique needs and to also identify leaders within the communities of focus that will help us build trust with the community and execute on strategy.

The Anchor Institution Mission (AIM)

The Anchor Institution Mission (AIM) UC collaborative is a joint effort of all the UC’s participating in the HAN. UC AIM is committed to advancing health equity and social justice for under-represented, under-resourced communities across California. Leveraging our collective educational, clinical, financial resources, and people, we aim to transform our health system with anti-racist, anti-bias business operations to build trust, partner, and improve the overall socio-economic conditions and health of the communities we serve.