Radiation Producing Machines

A common radiation source in the clinical setting is a radiation producing machine (RPM), that generates ionizing radiation upon activation. Radiation producing machines come in a variety of designs and models.

  • Examples of RPMs include:
  • Computed tomographic machine
  • Diagnostic radiographic machine
  • Fluoroscopic machine
  • Irradiators
  • Bone mineral densitometer

RPM Registrations

The radiation safety program is responsible for documenting and maintaining records that pertain to radiation producing machines. Radiation safety is required to be notified of any new machines, removals or transfers. In turn, applications are filed by our office with California Department of Public Health– Radiological Health Branch (CDPH RHB). New facilities must also be registered with RHB

Lead Aprons

Lead aprons shield scatter radiation and are used during procedures that involve ionizing radiation. Lead aprons are required to be inspected annually per The Joint Commission standards. Radiation safety will visually and fluoroscopically inspect aprons to assess for any tears, perforations, or imperfections. All defective lead will be removed and the lead advocate for the department shall be informed.

Please contact the Radiation Safety Program for any questions in regard to RPMs.