We understand that we can’t “go it alone” and a thriving community depends on cooperation at all levels. UCLA Health collaborates locally with other health systems, regionally with other University of California medical centers, and nationally with organizations such as Practice Greenhealth and Healthcare Without Harm. The primary objective of this cooperation and best practice sharing is to unite and transform sustainability in health care.

We are also privileged to have a wealth of expertise available from education and research staff on our UCLA campus. The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge — a UCLA-wide initiative dedicated to transforming Los Angeles into the world’s most sustainable megacity by 2050 — is connecting leading scholars across campus and partners outside of UCLA to solve urban sustainability challenges in Los Angeles and beyond. We work with the Fielding School of Public Health, our School of Nursing, the David Geffen School of Medicine, and Climate Solutions group.  Additionally, our community clinics and faculty practice group are on the front lines of primary care.  Our Community Engagement Program delivers support for community-based research, service-learning, service delivery, education and workforce development projects to strengthen and advance our work in the community.